7 Ways To Fight Chronic Kidney Disease

Did you know that 11% of all deaths in Australia are from chronic kidney infections? Chronic kidney disease is a raging health issue in Australia, with over 1.7 million Aussies affected by it. And these numbers may be even larger because biological, medical and physical signs determine this disease and can take a long time […]

8 ways to Manage Arthritis from Home

Arthritis is a common health issue in which inflammatory conditions affects the muscles, bones and joints. This often leads to pain, swelling and stiffness in affected joints. Age, obesity, genetic factors, injury and increase the risk of arthritis. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are common types of arthritis. According to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, […]

Best Medical Facilities For Children In Brisbane

Most parents usually know the basics of keeping their children healthy. Whether it is about feeding healthy and nutritious foods or getting enough sleep and exercise, you do everything for the best health of your little ones. It is also imperative for kids to get regular checkups with their health care provider. Regular visits can […]

Ways To Protect Heavy Equipment During The Medical Practice Move

New-age medical equipment and supplies have a significant impact on improving the quality of patient care. Healthcare services need to make right choices in order to provide the best treatment to the patients across the world. All medical equipment and other supplies play a vital role in boosting the healthcare sector of a region. It […]

How To Choose The Best Medical Practices In Brisbane?

With more than 50 private and public hospitals in Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs, the city is renowned as a healthcare hub of Queensland. It is home to country’s best hospitals, such as Mater Hospital network, the Princess Alexandra Hospital, and the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital. Brisbane has the best care processes, administration efficiency […]

How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared coronavirus a global health emergency. According to the latest reports, more than 490 people have died in China, and 24, 324 more people are known to have been infected. The virus has drastically spread to 18 countries where several positive cases have been confirmed. Recently, ten people have […]

Symptoms And Treatment Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Belonging to the class of essential nutrients, Vitamin D has lately garnered a lot of attention from the Brisbane medical practitioners. This is due to the alarming rise in the cases related to deficiency of the sunshine vitamin in Queensland. Estimated 1 billion people suffer from low blood Vit D levels worldwide. The primary reason […]

How Serious Is Your Skin Rash?

Are you living in Brisbane and recently develop a strange-looking raised or flat skin rash? Wondering why an existing skin rash that you once thought was harmless won’t go away? Are you curious to know why do you develop a rash every time you are exposed to a specific food item or an external condition? […]

Causes And Implications Of Obesity In Children

“Childhood obesity is a real problem and has put the entire generation at risk.” Childhood obesity is turning into an epidemic with its cases rising at an alarming pace all over the US, UK and Australia. The number of obese children in Brisbane aged 7-15 years has almost doubled from 1985-1995 while that of overweight […]

How To Treat Osteoporosis Without Surgery?

Greg Lyubomirsky, CEO, Osteoporosis Australia rightly raised concern over the growing number of Australians unnecessarily breaking bones impacting the patient, their family and the healthcare system in general. Australians were estimated to face challenges with approximately 160,000 broken bones in 2017 due to poor bone health, with Brisbane not being any less affected. The financial […]

Lifestyle And Diet For Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus, a highly prevalent metabolic condition, has been challenging the Brisbane population for ages. What causes diabetes? We receive our energy to function, maintain and operate various processes by the conversion of the sugar present in our food to glucose. The hormone responsible for sugar metabolism, insulin, is produced by the pancreas. Diabetes typically […]

5 Ways To Detoxify Your Body

The fast-paced world we dwell in has witnessed a massive change in the past 100 years. While the technological advancement in Brisbane has furnished us many boons as millennials, in some respects this development has been no less than a curse. The germination of autoimmune diseases and chronic ailments has delivered a blow to the […]

Common Causes And Treatment Of Depression

Do you have a wholesome life in Brisbane, yet feel lost and sad? Do you say sorry a lot, despite knowing it’s not your fault? Have you lost interest in daily activities? Have you lately been feeling worthless and unloved? If the answer to any of these is yes, you may be presenting depressive symptoms […]

Causes And Symptoms Of Sciatica

Sciatica is a common neuralgic condition, identified as a referred nerve pain arising from the sciatic nerve. It is a long nerve formed by the multiple nerve roots passing through the vertebral disc spaces merging into a single nerve. The nerve makes its way out from the spine through the gluteal region to the back […]

7 Tips To Enhance Your Cardiovascular Health

According to Heart Foundation research, Queensland above all other states had nearly 62 admissions per 10,000 for heart ailments, with towns of Ipswich and Wide Bay constituting the first five. “The data is concerning”, says Rachelle Foreman, health director, Heart Foundation, Queensland. She adds that although people believe that in the Sunshine State all are […]

5 Ways To Deal With Seasonal Allergic Asthma

The striking biennial variations of asthma in Brisbane are significantly related to temperature and also with the humidity. In the six colder months, i.e May-October, the prevalence of asthma varies with the temperature one to two months earlier. It is presumed that this relation depends on the growth of grass and other vegetation, which render […]