5 Ways To Detoxify Your Body

The fast-paced world we dwell in has witnessed a massive change in the past 100 years. While the technological advancement in Brisbane has furnished us many boons as millennials, in some respects this development has been no less than a curse. The germination of autoimmune diseases and chronic ailments has delivered a blow to the already fragile world economy. One of the many determinants that stimulated this decline in the quality of our lives living in Brisbane has been – toxins.

Every day we’re surrounded by an array of potentially hazardous chemicals and toxins, the furniture and upholstery, the food we eat, and the skincare and cleaning products we use. These chemicals may be visibly or imperceptibly gain entry to our bodies.

Responsible for the growth of various cancers, heart ailments and other lifestyle diseases, these toxins were never known to mankind before the revolutionary industrial development took place. You should get information about health problems that can cause due to the toxins in the body.



How Toxins Damage Our Bodies


Toxins can damage the body in many ways, but these are the main ones.

Toxins poison enzymes, causing them to malfunction

Our bodies are enzyme powerhouses. The function of every physiological relies on enzymes to produce molecules, energy, and cell structures. Toxins damage enzymes and thus impair numerous functions of the body, such as inhibiting haemoglobin production in the blood or lowering the body’s ability to prevent free-radical damage, which accelerates ageing.

Toxins harm the organs

Toxins harm almost all of your organs and systems. The detox organs are the focus of my book, The Toxin Solution. If your digestive tract, kidneys and liver are too toxic to detox properly, your detoxification will fail, and your body will remain toxic.


There are, thankfully, specific practices that may help you stay wary of those unwanted, toxic compounds. Some of those are listed here for your reference:

  • Go Organic:

    Eat organic, chemical-free food. And why not? You know your food is safe when it is free from pesticides and weedicides. To be on the safer side, make it a habit to clean your produce thoroughly under running water or treat it with diluted vinegar before using.

  • Use Green Products:

    Replacing your cleaning agents like laundry liquids, soaps, washes etc. with green alternatives readily available in Brisbane, which have all natural, organic sources, is a great way to keep the entry of chemicals restricted in your house. Look for the products on the grocery shelves labelled as ‘non-toxic’ or ‘plant-based’ and be safe. Live chemical-free and keep your allergies under check with the ways to treat seasonal allergic asthma.

  • Chuck Those Artificial Fragrance Products:

    Are you aware of the fact that the sprays and colognes that make you sway with their fresh aroma are the biggest culprits in disguise? Get rid of those air fresheners, perfumes and engage in all-natural essential oils in soothing your senses naturally.

  • Minimise The Use Of Beauty Products:

    Love your cosmetics? Make sure they love you back! It’s a wise idea to utilise the nature’s gifts – coconut, jojoba and olive oils to enhance your skin’s texture. You may also try to prepare the organic cosmetics at home or get them custom-made for yourself by employing all natural products. This minimises your body’s allergic reactions like developing a serious rash.

  • Dump that Microwave:

    The debatable use of microwaves at home and restaurants has led to many final pieces of research. The food loses its natural texture and much of its nutritional content. It’s better to adopt the traditional stoves to keep your food secure and fresh.

  • Get Rid Of Teflon:

    Teflon is a coating on the non-stick cookware. It is believed in accumulating in the blood causing a host of vascular and gastrointestinal diseases. The growing popularity of cast iron and ceramic cooking utensils speaks volumes about their unmatched benefits.

  • Hydrate Yourself:

    Contrary to the old belief that we should consume eight glasses of water every day, recent research shows there is no need to limit you to any amount of water in a day. Ideally, average weighing men should consume 2.6 L of water while women are recommended 2.1 L per day, depending on the climatic conditions and individual health conditions. This helps to flush out the toxins from the body and keeps the kidneys functioning properly. Consuming adequate water daily also helps curb obesity in children and adults.

In a bid to live healthily and detoxify your bodies and homes in Brisbane, you must employ the above-listed strategies in your lives.