How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared coronavirus a global health emergency. According to the latest reports, more than 490 people have died in China, and 24, 324 more people are known to have been infected. The virus has drastically spread to 18 countries where several positive cases have been confirmed. Recently, ten people have been diagnosed with lethal coronavirus in Australia as well.

There is no denying the fact that Australians are witnessing fear in visiting public places like malls, metros and shopping centres. The coronavirus can be spread when an infected person sneezes or coughs. However, the scientists are still finding out how it spreads from person to person, but similar viruses spread through cough and sneeze droplets. Scientists believe that this coronavirus was first found on other animals like snakes and bats and then spread to humans.

The virus can also be spread through droplets landing on surfaces such as tables on the coffee house, seats n buses and trains, etc.

However, some simple yet effective ways can help you protect from coronavirus.

1. Wash your Hands

Believe it or not! Hand-washing is the basic line of defence. So, wet your hand with clean water and apply soap to kill bacteria and virus. Thoroughly wash your palms, including the backs, under your nails and between your fingers and scrub for at least 30 seconds. Rinse with clean, running water.

2. Avoid Close Contacts

It is good to avoid close contact with the person who is showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as sneezing and coughing. Fever and shortness of breath are also symptoms of coronavirus. Severe cases can lead to kidney failure, pneumonia and even death.

So, try to build a distance with anyone suffering from respiratory illness to protect yourself from this deadly virus.

3. Wear Face Masks

Whenever you go out, make sure you wear a face mask. It can provide you with some protection as it restricts liquid droplets. Though face masks don’t block smaller aerosol particles, they can give you give an additional layer of protection when you go to the shopping malls.

4. Avoid Live Animal Market

If anyone has coughing and sneezing issue, then they should avoid visiting live animal markets and raw meats. Even it is good to avoid eating all kinds of meats.

In case, you are in an affected area, then don’t eat raw or undercooked animal products and take extra precautions while handling milk, raw meat and animal organs to avoid cross-contamination with uncooked food items.

5. Stay at Home

If you have returned from an affected area in China, then stay at home and avoid contacts with other people for 14-15 days. Avoid going to public or crowded places like schools, office, malls, market, etc.

6. Seek Medical Assistance ASAP

Make sure you seek medical help if you have a cough, fever and difficulty in breathing. Don’t hesitate in sharing your travel history with your doctors to get the best treatment as soon as possible.

What to do if you are planning to visit China?

Unfortunately, the coronavirus is spreading at the worst time of the year- as millions of people across the world are travelling to or within China for Lunar New Year Celebrations.

So, if you are planning to go to China, then cancel all your plans. This is not the right time to be in the infected area as hundreds of people in China are already suffering from this virus.


It is a good saying that precaution is always better than cure. To combat the unfortunate health crises, you need to take care of yourself by following the tips mentioned above in this article. Stay safe and healthy!