Best Medical Facilities For Children In Brisbane

Most parents usually know the basics of keeping their children healthy. Whether it is about feeding healthy and nutritious foods or getting enough sleep and exercise, you do everything for the best health of your little ones.

It is also imperative for kids to get regular checkups with their health care provider. Regular visits can help you kid to grow without the fear of diseases and other illnesses.

If you are moving to a new home in Brisbane, make sure you do proper research about the childcare medical facilities. Ask the local property agent about child specialists, hospitals and  healthcare options nearby your home.

Here are some reliable options that can solve your problem by helping you know more about the best medical facilities for kids in Brisbane.

1. Mater Children’s Private Brisbane

It is Australia’s first dedicated private paediatric hospital, founded back in 1998. The hospital is known for delivering innovative healthcare facilities, emotional support and best health advice to children and their families across Queensland.

If your child is experiencing health issues, visit to our hospital which is located in South Brisbane, QLD. At Mater Children’s Private Brisbane, your kid will receive high-quality care via your selected specialists, supported by trained team of medical experts and healthcare professionals.

2. Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital

This is also Australia’s one of the largest paediatric hospitals that aim to offer great medical facilities to children and their families. There are more than 350 beds and your child will get the best medical facilities and support from trained and experienced healthcare professionals.

There is also a starlight express room, playgrounds, rooftop terraces and radio lollipop studio to cheer up the mood of children. The hospital also offers new services, including clinics to treat obesity, skin allergies, surgeries, and much more.

3. Queensland Children’s Hospital

The Queensland Children’s Hospital is the renowned specialist kid’s hospital for families living in Brisbane and other regions of Queensland. The hospital offers care to the state’s sickest and critically injured children who need high-quality medical facilities.

It is also the local hospital for children and their families who live in the catchment area of inner Brisbane.  They provide medical facilities and treatment for children and young people up to 15-years of age. There is a also a specialised treatment facility for the 18-year old young people who have chronic conditions.

4. Coorparoo Child Health Clinic

Are you living in Coorparoo suburb of Brisbane? If yes, then you must know about this healthcare spot within your vicinity. They provide a comprehensive range of community health and support services for kids and their parents and carers to give every kid the best facility. Keeping every child physically and mentally fit is their topmost priority.

5. Medsana Medical Clinic

It is one of the most trusted healthcare centres for babies, children and young people. They have a team of highly-trained and experienced professionals who can manage a range of paediatric issues, such as newborn and infant feeding issues, rashes, settling and sleeping issues, food intolerance, allergies, bed wetting, allergic asthma, poor growth, behavioural concerns and other chronic conditions.


These are some of the best medical facilities or healthcare options for children in Brisbane. You can gather more information about your local clinics and paediatric specialists for the utmost safety of your little ones.