Dr. Thomas Lee – Cardiologist

Dr Thomas Lee is one of the most renowned Cardiologists in Brisbane, Queensland. He is self-practitioner and has been running his clinic for years. His contributions in the Cardiology field, especially Interventional Cardiology have been acknowledged extensively in Australia as well as across the nation. His clinic has been established with the sole aim to provide comprehensive cardiac services to patients across Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

During his career span of 20-years, he has laid the foundations for numerous angioplasty techniques, Angioscopy, Drug Eluting Stents, Thrombectomy devices and other state-of-the-art devices to minimise the risk of heart-related issues effectively. In addition to his achievements, Dr Lee has also performed the highest number of angioplasties and angiographies across Brisbane. He has been honoured by Doctorate from prestigious Queensland University and has trained more than 100 young cardiologists from Brisbane and other parts of Australia in cutting-edge techniques of angioplasty.

Dr. Ava Brown – Family Physician, Self practitioner

Like any other family physician, Dr Ava Brown treats patients of all ages- from newborns to seniors using the latest medical techniques. She has been providing basic health care services for a range of common diseases and other health-related problems for over 20 years in Brisbane, Queensland. She even has built a privately owned clinic that allows her to practice medicine without any restrictions – treating patients of all ages in a caring environment while developing long-lasting bonds with them.

Dr Brown enjoys family medicine and treats patients with a generous gamut of ailments and illnesses. She has been practising family medicine and offering preventive care to keep people of Brisbane healthy.

Charlie Wilson, MD – Dermatologist

Doctor Charlie Wilson is a dermatologist who specialises in treating the skin, nails, hairs and mucous membranes such as inside the mouth, eyelids and nose. He has been recognised as one of the best medical and cosmetic dermatologists in Brisbane, Queensland.

Dr Wilson has over 15 years of consulting practice and holds a great experience in Cryo-therapy for different types of skin growths, anti-aging therapies, Molluscum extractions, Punch Biopsy, etc. His collective contribution in of the field of dermatology has been impressive, and he has successfully treated thousands of people suffering from skin or hair related diseases and allergies.

Sophia Kelly – Gynecologist (OB/GYN)

Dr Sophia Kelly is a trained physician, an obstetrician and gynecologist from Brisbane, Queensland. He has over 20 years of experience in providing women with preventive care related to their pregnancy, labour and delivery. She also specialises in diagnosing and treating women’s common health issues such as hormone problems, menopause, infertility and contraception. Dr Kelly has been practising as an endoscopic surgeon for over 6 years, and her expertise lies in infertility treatments. She also possesses a special interest in high-risk obstetrics and has been invited as faculty in numerous national and international conferences.

Dr Sophia Kelly has been practising in Brisbane for more than ten years and has successfully treated various complicated gynecologic cases and other referred cases from all over Queensland, Australia.

Jacob Ryan – Neurologist

Dr Jacob Ryan is a famous Neurologist who has passed DM in Neurology from The University of Queensland. He specialises in treating the diseases that affect the spine, brain and nerves of a human body. He holds great expertise in treating various neurological disorders such as a headache, stroke, muscle disorder, epilepsy, dementia and movement disorders.

He has been running his own clinic in Brisbane and taking care of patients who have been suffering from diseases like dizziness and migraine. When it comes to her achievements, Doctor Ryan has presented various papers and presentations in National as well as International Forums of Neurology.